Conference Abstracts for presentations will be invited on the following themes:

  • Tourism as a Development Tool (Sustainable development)

  • Policy and Governance (Community Based Tourism, Public-private partnerships and collaborations, Equality, gender and diversity issues)

  • Tourism and Resilience

  • Social and Environmental Dimensions Tourism (e.g. International issues and cross-cultural research, Heritage Tourism Development, Responsible tourism, Eco-tourism, Volunteer tourism, Pro-poor tourism, sustainable livelihoods)

  • Tourism and the Sharing Economy

  • Protected Area Tourism (e.g. Marine protected areas, Wildlife dependent tourism)

  • Tourism Systems (e.g. Global-local nexus)

  • Climate Change and Sustainability

  • Tourism and Natural Disasters (e.g. Disaster planning and recovery, Dark Tourism)

  • Tourist Routes (e.g. Connectivity, Byways, Route development)

  • Rural Tourism Development (e.g. Agrotourism, Farm to Table tourism)

  • Mobility (e.g. Second home ownership, Immigration and Migration, Safety and Security, Seasonality)

  • Destinations (e.g. Community/host impacts, Western Asia Tourism Development)

  • Transformational tourism experiences, theory and praxis

  • Technology and Tourism

  • Gastro/culinary tourism (e.g. Wine tourism, Craft Beverage tourism)

  • Health, Wellbeing & Wellness Tourism

  • Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism

  • Island Tourism

  • Mountain Tourism

  • Coastal Tourism

  • Events and Festivals, wellbeing and quality of life

  • Voluntourism

  • Hopeful tourism

  • Interpretation and Education

  • New perspectives for natural tourism

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